Get Out Staff

The acclaimed Broadway musical “Big River!” makes its debut April 4 for a five-week run at the Hale Centre Theatre in Gilbert.

“Big River!” is a musical adventure with book by William Hauptman and music and lyrics by Roger Miller – yes, the Roger Miller of “King of the Road” fame. 

Based on Mark Twain’s classic 1884 novel, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” it features country and bluegrass music styles in keeping with the rustic and adventurous setting of the novel. 

The show is directed by Tim Dietlein and choreographed by Cambrian James, with musical direction by Elizabeth Spencer. 

Twain’s timeless classic sweeps us down the mighty Mississippi River as the uncontainable Huck Finn helps his friend, Jim, a runaway slave, escape to freedom in the North. Their adventures along the way are full of suspense, peril, humor and, at times, heartbreak as Huck learns the value of keeping a promise and the importance of freedom. 

Propelled by an award-winning score from Miller, this soul-stirring journey is a powerful celebration of pure Americana. 

The cast features Nicholas Gunnell as Huckleberry Finn and Robert Collins as Jim.

Other performers include, Kathleen Richards (Widow Douglas), Bonnie Romney (Miss Watson), Joey Morrison (Judge Thatcher), Gary Caswell (Pap Finn), Allan DeWitt (Tom Sawyer), Nathan Spector (Ben Rogers), Nick Williams (Jo Harper), Hunter Cuison (Simon), Kale Burr (Dick), Tim Fiscus (The King) and Matthew Harris (The Duke).

They are supported by an all-star ensemble cast that includes Tom Endicott, Maya Weber, Emily Woodward-Shaw, Annalise Decker, Savannah Alfred, Anne-lise Koyabe, Nathan Alfred and Pierre Brookins.

Big River is produced by David and Corrin Dietlein. 

The Hale Centre Theatre, 50 W. Page Ave., is in the heart of the Historic District of Gilbert across the street from the iconic Gilbert water tower. Convenient, free parking lots surround the theater.