While science and religion are often seen as opposing forces, physicist and born again Christian Dr. Ron Rickards is working to prove otherwise.

The Gilbert resident has found unparalleled connections between these fields, exemplifying how they work in unison to glorify God. Rickards educates readers on the relationship between science and religion in “Eternal Harmony, Volume 1: The Unity of Truth in God.”

In the book, Dr. Rickards asserts the supremacy of the Christian worldview from scientific and religious perspectives. Using his expertise in physics, Dr. Rickards proves that science and religion work in harmonious conjuncture, providing specifics on how this is accomplished. He presents his findings in a reader-friendly yet technically rigorous manner that nonscientific and non-theological readers will be able to fully comprehend and appreciate.

“There is no real conflict between science and religion,” Rickards said. “Instead, true science can be used to bolster the Christian perspective and provide further testimony of God’s existence and great work. Eternal Harmony will show readers precisely how genuine science and religion work in tandem to glorify God.”

Rickards is a physicist, musician, and the founder/president of Eternal Harmony Music and Literature, a Christ-centered, science-based ministry. He received his master’s degree in physics from San Diego State University and his doctorate in physics from the University of California at Davis. He lives in Gilbert with his wife, Ester.

“Eternal Harmony” also features the lyric sheets for 12 original songs from the companion soundtrack Eternal Harmony Soundtrack, Volume 1: The Unity of Truth in God (Available on iTunes and Amazon).

Details: EternalHarmonyMusic.com