By Savannah Haas


For 22-year-old Anthony Perre, playing music has been a moving experience. He and his Daisy bandmates have made their mark on fans and local radio stations, specifically with their debut EP “In Retrospect.”

A Highland High School graduate, Perre was told by a listener that Daisy’s music helped him tackle suicidal thoughts.

“He heard one of the songs on the record and said it was a helpful thing to get him out of that mindset,” Perre said. “When we heard that, it took us a second to really realize there are some people who feel so strongly about the music that it’s able to keep their heart beating. That was the most humbling thing that has happened.”

This year has been remarkable for Daisy, according to Perre. In September, 93.3 ALT-AZ radio host Mo showcased Daisy’s music on her show “Homegrown with Mo.” Daisy is building on that experience by performing as part of the Mesa Music Festival from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday Nov. 12, at Queen’s Pizza.

“It’s going to be really fun,” Perre said. “It’s our first step into the festival world. We’re used to doing shows, but that’s all we’ve done. It’ll be cool to be a part of the festival culture.”

Longtime friends

The foundation for Daisy was laid when Perre walked into a class his senior year at Highland with John Mayer blaring through his earphones. He never thought he would meet his best friend and future bandmate, Michael Petry.

Petry was scheduled to play the Highland talent show later that week but was scared to do it alone.

“But I needed to do something to feel accomplished,” Petry said. “When the talent show came up, I was terrified but I thought, ‘Maybe somebody could do it with me.’”

Petry chased down Perre after class and asked him to join him on stage. They lost the talent show by 10 votes, but the teens discovered just how much they enjoyed playing music together.

“After that show, we were on top of the world the whole night and we looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s be a band,’” Perre said.

The two scored a slot playing at an Invisible Children charity event, where longtime friend Dylan Kielly asked if they needed another musician.

“I’ve known Dylan since seventh grade and we’d just play a lot of hardcore stuff when we were angry kids back in the day,” Perre said.

Perre took the role of lead vocalist, Petry jumped on lead guitar, and Kielly moved to percussion. From there, the band was influenced by a variety of artists ranging from System of a Down to Earth, Wind and Fire. But they all agree that Daisy’s music is pop.

After recording “In Retrospect,” in 2015, the band put an ad on Craigslist for a bassist and keyboardist. Ty Kidd from New Hampshire answered the call.

“My influences are System of a Down and Slipknot and then I got into heavier stuff like Suicide Silence…and then I joined a pop band,” Kidd joked.

Perre said he wants to devote his life to music.

“I just want to be able to make the coolest music, have a lot of people like it, and be able to support myself as a musician with these four guys,” he said.

“My best friends are sitting here with me. With something as important as a band, you’re signing up to do this business for your whole life. I want to like you as a person and enjoy your company first before I ever think about playing music with you.”

Daisy is gearing up to release its second EP, “Beauty of These,” this winter. The single, “Hear You,” will come first.

“We’re just really excited for this next EP to be out,” Perre said. “It’s like watching a kid grow up and go through preschool, and then go to college. You hope that all the work was worth it.”