From transcribed material derived from trance-channeled conversations and direct dictation, Erin Michelle Galito of Gilbert presents a book titled “Essays of the Light.” The book is suggested for individuals who are searching for God, the true meaning of life, and a better world.

A trance channel and psychic medium, Galito connects with people beyond a basic emotional level. Her book serves as a guide for spirituality as a means to encourage human beings to think beyond their everyday mindset.

“I have had psychic experiences all my life, but didn’t always understand it,” Galito said in a press release. “In 2011, I began verbal trance channeling when the archangels made themselves known to me. I was told that I had made a contract with them before entering this life, and I am to dedicate myself to the awakening and Ascension of all people.”

With her passion to connect with people, Galito has lead support groups and workshops in Arizona and Northern Virginia. Readers are encouraged to submit their questions to, where she will select questions for channeled answers to be posted on her blog.

Essays of the Light, published by Balboa Press of Bloomington, Indiana, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press.