After 16 years, Flancer’s Gilbert and Mesa restaurants are offering a freshened breakfast menu.

“In order to keep with our truly homemade traditions, we are proud to offer some exciting items you may not be able to find anywhere close,” said Jeff Flancer, owner and founder of the restaurants. “We are taking the road less traveled.”

Flancer’s breakfast hours are 8 a.m.-11 a.m., Friday-Sunday.

Among the new offerings is a breakfast burrito on a homemade tortilla, topped with New Mexican red or green chile sauce. Flancer lived in New Mexico in the 1990s and had a café in Santa Fe for nine years.

Among the things that Flancer misses most is New Mexican red and green chile sauce.

“We are buying our chile from Hatch, New Mexico,” Flancer said. “Our red chile is special ordered for our use. I am so pleased we are able to get this quality product from the land of some of the best chiles on earth.”

Flancer’s also has introduced a twist on eggs benedict. The English muffin gives way to Flancer’s homemade, freshly baked biscuit, topped with eggs and smothered with New Mexican red or green chile sauce.

Flancer’s also has a chorizo-hash breakfast with eggs, potatoes and biscuit, as well as avocado toast, with eggs, tomato and cheese on homemade baguette bread.

In addition, the homemade hash browns are steam cooked and seasoned, and then sautéed on the grill top to a crispy golden brown.

For those in a hurry, Flancer’s now serves an egg-and-cheese biscuit and handheld breakfast burrito for the Friday-morning commute.

Flancer says he wants his restaurants’ breakfasts to be great and fast.

“We are working hard to get our average ticket time in six to eight minutes, some in less time, but most breakfasts taking less than 10 minutes,” he said. “I am working hard with my chef and cooks to really produce a great product in a short time frame.”


Gilbert: 610 N. Gilbert Road, Gilbert
Mesa: 1902 N. Higley Road, Mesa
Gilbert: 480-926-9077
Mesa: 480-396-0077