By Cecilla Chan, GSN Managing Editor


It’s a safe bet to say Tokyo Blue Hair Lab is the first of its kind in Gilbert — offering not just razor haircuts, organic hair color and blowouts, but spiritual readings as well.

Even readings for pets.

Owner TJ Belis, a self-described sage-burning mom and crystal lover, recently held a grand opening of her organic hair salon, housed in the Phenix Salon Suites on Baseline Road near Power Road. The debut event was attended by local dignitaries such as Mayor Jenn Daniels.

“I’m also into lunar hair cuts,” said Belis, who only uses vegan or organic products. “My grandparents were farmers who planted seeds going by Farmer’s Almanac, which does it by phases of the moon.”

The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s annual Gardening by the Moon Calendar is based on the belief that the phase and position of the moon influences plant growth.

If a full moon can help a plant grow faster, the same can be said for hair, said Belis, who moved to Gilbert three years ago.

She will razor cut hair any time of the year, but if a client might complain that her hair never grows, Belis said she will recommend changing the appointment to coincide with the moon’s cycle.

Although Belis claims to have psychic abilities, it’s her aunt Jacqulyn Grant, who takes care of the clients’ spiritual needs at the shop. The women, both born on Dec. 7 but in different years, moved to Gilbert from Maryland.

Grant is a psychic medium who is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient and clairaudient, meaning she is clear seeing, knowing, feeling and hearing.

She has written a book published in August, “And That Day Came,” which is a memoir of her life before and after she developed her intuitive gifts.

Grant, who founded Black Butterfly Purple Visions, offers oracle readings, pendulum readings, angel card readings and pet readings. She has a bachelor’s from Trinity Washington University and a master’s from American University, according to her biography.

Grant said she only stays in the light in dealing with spirits.

“We believe in life after death,” she said. “A medium plays a big role in the spiritual world. Without a medium, you can’t connect with them. We are a vessel, passing along messages.”

When it comes to pets, she communicates through feeling, and they share mental pictures with her, Grant said.

One day last week, Grant sat for a reading with Ria, a 10-year-old Shih Tzu.

“How is it going?” she said, holding the black-and-white dog on her lap. “Your heart is beating so fast. Don’t be nervous.”

She then asked the pet’s owner Mini Philip questions, including if Ria was sleeping well, if she was tired lately and if she was snuggling up more. Philip, who lives in Gilbert, responded yes to all the questions.

“I feel extra heat,” Grant said. “Something is wrong that is making her work harder. She doesn’t want to put pressure on her feet.”

Grant advised Philip to take Ria to a veterinarian to get her paws checked.

Grant also suggested Philip get herself checked with an annual physical because she mentioned she has been sluggish when connecting to her dog.

Pets, Grant explained, draw a lot of energy and stress from their owners.

“She is sending me a picture of her running around,” Grant added. “Do you take her out? She wants to see the world more.”

The backyard is the extent of her outdoor activities, Philip said.

Philip, who has her hair done by Belis, said she decided to take her dog for a reading because Ria was behaving differently.

“She’s my life. I have three kids, but she is right above my three kids,” Philip said. “This tells me I do need to get her paws checked. I was just brushing it off. “

Belis, raised Catholic, said the spiritual offerings are a plus for her business, and Gilbert, Arizona in general has been open-minded about this.

“I’ve had someone who said, ‘I want a haircut, color and a reading,’” she said. “People are really excited about the pet readings. I’ve not met a person who has chased me with a cross yet.”

Although Belis’ forte in the spiritual realm are Tarot Cards and pendulum readings, she doesn’t do readings while styling a client’s hair.

Once, she was shampooing someone and felt something, but she immediately closed the door, she said.

“We’re not saying there is no God and you have to worship some crystal or tree,” Belis said. “We believe the universe is bigger than us. We can’t explain it.”

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