The Chandler Christian Community Center, which has been offering social services to Gilbert residents for many years, changed its name recently to better reflect its mission.

Azcend is its new name.

“We have changed our name, but our mission and services remain the same. We change lives by nourishing minds and bodies to create a connected, thriving community. This is an exciting new chapter in the life of this longstanding organization,” said Trinity Donovan, CEO, moments before unveiling the new logo on a wall in the organization’s home in Downtown Chandler.

A ribbon cutting to announce the new name was also held at the Gilbert Senior Center, which is the local venue for operations. It was spearheaded by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.

“For decades, they have served our residents, their children and our seniors with opportunities and assistance in a manner that encompasses Gilbert’s core values of dignity and respect, creating a true sense of community,” said Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels.

Gilbert Vice Mayor Victor Petersen, who attended the unveiling in Chandler, said: “We’re excited to celebrate this new chapter with you.

“We want to commend them for their efforts to work with their clients to get them back on their feet and to get them on that path to self-sufficiency. Also, they provide a place for some of them to return and help others as they’ve been helped,” he added.

The nonprofit organization established in Chandler 50 years ago focuses on Chandler and Gilbert plus other surrounding communities, officials said.

Last year, its food bank distributed more than 17,000 boxes of food that fed more than 58,000 people in the two municipalities.

Its Community Action Program, which aids in rent and utility assistance, provided just under a million dollars in support.

Its Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging program, I-Help, does more than provide a warm bed and a meal to the homeless – it provides case management services to help people get jobs and into homes.

Chandler and Gilbert senior centers provided more than 70,000 meals last year, including the home-delivered meals program.

The new branding took about nine months to accomplish.

The process began with a survey of staff, volunteers, clients, donors, sponsors, organizations and churches to gauge what Chandler Christian Community Center meant to them and how a potential rebranding might affect their relationship with the organization.

The results of the survey clearly indicated that the donors and volunteers would not feel differently about the organization with a new name and brand.

The name Azcend represents the deep roots in the Arizona communities as well as the goal of transforming and improving the lives of those in need.

The name “Azcend” also embraces the five core values of integrity, compassion, hope, excellence and respect, staffers said.