More than 2,860 Gilbert Public Schools seniors graduated last week, racking up just under $60 million in scholarships and numerous honors.

Desert Ridge High’s 630 grads earned $12 million while Highland High’s 770 graduates weren’t far behind with $11.5 million in scholarships. Campo Verde’s 464 grads earned $10 million in scholarships while Mesquite’s 452 grads earned $9.1 million and Gilbert Classical Academy’s 69 graduates logged $8.77 million in scholarships.

With the titles determined largely by their grade pointe averages, Gilbert Classical Academy had 10 valedictorians and five salutatorians. Valedictorians were: Lauren Bruno, Colleen Clauss, Matthew Glover, Jingyi He, Noah Lentz, Emily MacArthur, Brendan Lee, Carla Rendon, Ana Reyes-Sanchez and Clark Vidler.

Gilbert Classical Academy salutatorians were Amy Cook, Kelsey Elinski, Holland Gailey, Valerie McAllister and Amber McGouldrick.

Here are the other valedictorians and salutatorians for the other GPS high schools:

Mesquite: Macey Sierra, valedictorian; Benjamin Hay, salutatorian.

Gilbert High: Chance Johnathan, valedictorian; Eric Lazbin, salutatorian.

Highland: Michael Qian, valedictorian; Noelia Root, salutatorian.

Desert Ridge: Taylor Nikolaus and Benjamin Brownlee, valedictorians; Jarret Prince, Aaron Dao and Jack Selles, salutatorians.

Campo Verde: Brianna Herrera, valedictorian; and Michael Wang, salutatorian.