By James Carr, GSN Contributor

Gilbert residents have access to fresh local and exotic meats, thanks to a new butcher shop opening in town.

Owners Krista and Dan Roosevelt are bringing both small business and some meaty experience to the Gilbert Butchery, which opened last Monday and has a grand opening the day after Easter.

“That’s one thing I want to do here is make sure it’s all fresh, fresh ground turkey, ground chicken, all-fresh,” Dan Roosevelt said. “Fresh grind: you don’t get fresh grind in stores anymore.”

Gilbert Butchery is bringing locally-sourced, Arizona grass-fed beef along with natural meats from smaller farms, unlike the commodity meat sold in most grocery stores, Dan Roosevelt said.

Krista Roosevelt said the decision to set up shop in Gilbert was easy because they live in the town.

“We live right across the street, it’s one of the reasons why we looked here,” Krista Roosevelt said. “I love it, we can walk to work.”

They plan to bring more than just fresh meats and in-house carving down the road, Dan Roosevelt said. They also plan on working with local breweries to make beer brats and will offer exotic meats such as alligator, beaver and zebra, he said.

Dan Roosevelt said he is bringing a passion for his craft with him to the workplace.

“It’s fun cutting. There’s an art to it especially if you bring in the whole side,” Dan Roosevelt said.

Running a successful butcher shop is no small feat, said Danny Johnson of Taylor’s Market in Pasadena, California, a 36-year veteran of the business.

“It’s kind of an oxymoron. You need to have no fear and lots of fear,” Johnson said. “No fear of failing but a fear of failing, that phone not ringing and that door not opening.”

Johnson said that running a butcher shop can be challenging without the proper attention to detail. Johnson said if a shop he walks into doesn’t have either a good smell or no smell, he leaves quicker than he entered.

Johnson said it’s also important to have the right kind of service.

“When I say ‘service,’ it’s not only knowing how to cut it and display it properly but knowing how to cook it,” Johnson said. “Share some value with the customer, do classes if you have the ability.”

And it’s not just cutting that’s important. Spending time washing dishes and cleaning the cutting areas take priority quickly in a small-business environment, he said.

Johnson said the Roosevelts are getting off on the right foot.

“It’s starting small, you start with one guy and go from there,” Johnson said. “Too many new butcher shops are starting with too many guys and it looks good aesthetically but leads to disaster.”

Dan Roosevelt started his career as a butcher at Safeway for 15 years, hanging beef. After that, he worked and eventually managed an Albertson’s meat area.

Besides a variety of fresh cut and ground meats and sausages, Gilbert Butchery also will have all-natural dog food and marrow bones, the Roosevelts said. Gilbert Butchery is located on the southeast corner at 965 S. Val Vista Drive in Gilbert, Suite 101.


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