By Melody Birkett

Mood lighting, calm music, California ocean photos plus dozens of beds. No, it’s not a place to go to for a massage but rather a place to buy a mattress.

“Relax and lie down on them for five, 10, 15 minutes,” said Todd Brundrett, manager of Pure Comfort Mattress. “Don’t be in a hurry.”


Pure Comfort Mattress in Gilbert is transforming the experience of buying the most important item in your bedroom. Their inviting showroom near Gilbert and Germann roads features 37 top-of-the-line mattresses on display such as Talalay Bliss, Aireloom and Diamond – fine mattresses that Brundrett said you can’t usually find at other stores.

The store is an extension of Norwood Furniture in downtown Gilbert that opened in 1972. The company was founded in the late 1930s by Tom and Marj Brundrett in Norwood, Ohio.

Norwood Furniture carries a large collection of mattresses and needed more space. The owners opened Pure Comfort Mattress a year ago to give customers twice as many choices.

“Our mission is to provide the most innovative and uniquely comfortable mattresses to help our customers get a better night sleep,” Brundrett said.

Mattress types

“Aireloom, in my opinion, is the finest manufacturer in the United States,” Brundrett said. “They build the highest quality mattress and with some very unique feels and some interesting manufacturing techniques. So, customers love them. They’re high-end but they have some middle-to- high-end. So, we’re showing 12 of those.”

What makes them unique is the open chamber design. “It’s called the Aireloom lift,” Brundrett explained. “They don’t use glues so they do a lot of outer tufting, hand tufting. It’s a handmade mattress. And they use the finest materials, premium materials.”

The Diamond brand is the store’s best selling mattress. Brundrett said it’s “because it’s more of a starting to middle price point, but we sell a lot of the high-end Talalay Blisses and a lot of the other ones.”

Diamond mattresses are made in California by a family-owned business since the 1940’s. “They just do a fantastic job of innovative designs and offerings that provide unique feels,” Brundrett added. “The most popular mattress size is king.”

In case you’re wondering about spring versus foam mattresses, Brundrett said, “Springs are still in, big time. The solid foam mattresses are generally at the beginning price point. For instance, Talalay Bliss, pure Talalay Bliss is kind of a niche. It’s a solid Talalay latex mattress. They’re the only folks that do solid Talalay latex. And it’s another fantastic feeling.”

If you’re a fan of pillow tops, Brundrett said they’re still in. “We have extra-firm pillow tops and we have plush pillow tops. It just depends on what the customer likes. We can fit them.”

A good mattress can also help with sleep disorders.

“When you get into your late 30s and 40s, people start to develop some sleep issues,” Brundrett said. “We fit a person properly. It’s all about finding the most comfortable mattress within their budget.”

“We have firm, medium, and plush at the beginning price point, the middle price point, and the high-end price point. So, whatever their budget is, they can find a mattress that fits their comfort needs.


Speaking of prices, mattresses at a specialty store like Pure Comfort Mattress aren’t as expensive as you might think.

“Our starting price is $597 and we sell a bunch of those,” Brundrett said. “We sell a lot in the $2,000-$6,000 range.” One mattress even goes for $10,000. So far, one of those has sold.

So, what does $10,000 get you in a mattress? “It gets you cashmere, you’re sleeping on cashmere, you’re sleeping on jomol wool, which is the finest type of wool there is,” Brundrett said.

“I can buy mattresses from anybody I want,” Brundrett added. ”I lay on all of the mattresses and select them myself based on how they feel. I see if it’s a different type of a feel that customers might enjoy and if it’s a good value. You can pay a lot for a mattress and not get anything special. You can pay a value price and get something that feels good.”

Adjustable mattresses

Another reason Pure Comfort Mattress opened is due to more people wanting sleep systems. “People are investing into their sleep like no other time before. They want the nice pillows, they want the nice mattress protectors,” Brundrett added.

And they like adjustable beds which are growing in popularity. “They love these adjustable bases,” Brundrett said. “We don’t call them hospital beds anymore. They’re adjustable bases. It’s all about comfort and the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. That’s the time when your body restores itself and people are starting to realize that.”

Box springs

Buying a mattress also means buying box springs. “The only time you don’t need a box spring is if you have a platform base, which is a solid foundation, or you’re going to put it on an adjustable base,” Brundrett said. “It acts as a shock absorber. It does support the mattress.”

Frames are sold at the Norwood Furniture Store along with headboards and other accessories.


Purchasing a mattress is a big decision. So, how do you know if you’re buying the right one?

“Buy the most comfortable mattress within your budget,” Brundrett said. “And the only way to determine comfort is to lie down on them” at a mattress store.

“I can buy the most inexpensive mattress that I want but I don’t buy any mattress that I wouldn’t sleep on or have my children sleep on.”