By Becky Bracken

They say it’s where science and dessert collide. Creamistry – the made-to-order, liquid-nitrogen frozen ice cream shop – opened in downtown Gilbert last month, just in time to help residents cool down during scorching summer temps.

It’s not like your mom’s ice cream shop, with scoops dunked into buckets to carve out a perfectly round serving. Creamistry is whole different experience.   

Here’s how it works: First, you pick your size: regular, large or Nitroshake. Then pick your ice cream base. There’s premium, organic, sorbet and coconut. The coconut is dairy-free for vegans and is also lactose-, gluten- and egg-free. The sorbet is also non-dairy, water-based and used to create fruity flavors like NitroDole pineapple and pink grapefruit. The organic base is certified 100 percent organic and KSA Kosher. The premium is the signature, all-natural creamy base that works with any flavor.

After you pick the base, all that’s left is choosing from a variety of flavors ranging from cereals like Cap’n Crunch to fruit, coffee and tea flavors and of course, the classics like mint, chocolate and vanilla. From there, all that’s left to choose is your toppings from all sorts of candy, fruit, nuts and sauce options.

Then it’s time for science to take over. Your ingredients are placed in a big metal mixing bowl and then under a standing mixer. Then liquid nitrogen is slowly added, creating a cloud of mist around the entire creation. It’s quite a show.

The finished ice cream is creamier than any other you’ve probably ever had before. Creamistry’s area manager Sean Holian said that’s because the liquid nitrogen freezes the ice cream without introducing any water crystals into the finished product. “The nitrogen freezing actually makes a big difference in the taste of our ice cream,” Holian explained. “It’s not just a gimmick.”

He says he hopes people understand that during busier times at Creamistry, it takes a little longer to get your ice cream, because it’s made to order. “If we’re really busy, it could take 10 to 15 minutes, but the wait is definitely worth it.”